Why it is important to be yourself

Hello friend, it’s been a while now since I last updated the blog, so now I decided to sit down and write a text.

From what I have seen lately, I feel that people need to really have faith in themselves and be able to be themselves. There is enough hatred already in this world and that people are not allowed to be what they are. As an empath, it is very hard to comprehend this because all we empaths want is peace in the world. We are often told we should not be as we are. This is not true. Especially for an empath it can be very hard to understand and accept yourself if other people don’t accept you and don’t understand you. For many years I struggled with this, until I was finally able to let go completely, as I finally realized that I can’t live life based on what other people say or think. I had to build myself up through a very painful journey to this point, but I did, and that is the same that I wish for you too.

Why is it important that you live your life on your terms and are completely yourself? Because only so can you live your life as it is meant for you. Live a happy, fulfilled life without any extra drama, fear, shame, guilt, anxiety or any other toxic energy.

Please be yourself and accept yourself just the way you are, darling. You are worth it!

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