Who is the right kind of person to your life and who isn’t

Hello, once again I am thinking about relationships and so, I felt the need to write a blog-post about them. This post is about friendship and the right and wrong kind of people and how to choose them into your life.

Every one of us deserves to be happy and we own the right to choose who we want to have in your lives. We should always choose ones who never judge us and who always understand what we go through. Nobody wants or deserves to be treated poorly.

So what kind of people are the right kind and what kind are the wrong kind to your life? I wrote the following list to help you characterize:

The right kind of people:

  • Understand you
  • Support and encourage you
  • Are there for you in any case
  • Never judge you
  • Want to be your friend or your partner and you don’t have to chase them
  • Accept you just as you are
  • Do the same good to you as you did to them; for example once supported they will support you back
  • Do not abandon you when you need them but are there for you
  • Want to get to know you and are genuinely interested in your life
  • Ask how you are and what is going on in your life
  • Take you and your needs seriously and listen to you and have great respect for your wisdom in life
  • Know the main things about you and your life and they really respect all of that knowledge
  • Are the kind of company that you feel comfortable being around and you can be yourself
  • Bring happiness and value to your life
  • Want to cheer you up and never want to bring you down
  • Never make you cry or hurt you but if they do, they will apologize soon
  • Never wonder about your choice of lifestyle but only want to make you go forward
  • Are never jealous of you but only are happy for your success and everything you represent
  • If you tell them that you feel lonely and want to talk, they won’t turn their back on you
  • They know how to comfort you and they are goodhearted
  • Are strong and balanced people and you know that you can talk about anything with them and trust them, they never criticize

The wrong kind of people:

  • Do not understand you
  • Judge you
  • Do not support you
  • Do not accept you as you are
  • Are only in your life when chased
  • Cannot give you the same support that you gave them
  • Abandon you when you need them
  • Aren’t really interested in your life and the things you are going through
  • Don’t really know anything about your life and don’t even ask
  • Do not ask how you are
  • Don’t take you or your needs seriously and don’t understand the wisdom of life that you carry inside you and want to share with others
  • Don’t listen to you and what you have to say and don’t reply to your message on time and are never sorry
  • Make you feel uncomfortable when you are around them and you feel that you cannot trust them and you can’t be yourself
  • Suck your energy out of you and take your strength
  • Hurt and criticize you
  • Make you cry and do not apologize
  • Wonder about your lifestyle and your choices and you will never get their support in those
  • Might be jealous of you and for everything that you have
  • Leave you alone when you are lonely
  • Do not know how to comfort you
  • Are really unbalanced and immature people and you soon notice that you cannot have a chat with them like adults to clear things up or to have a conversation about anything but maybe just limited amount of things

Life is not about black and white but it is about colour and different lifestyles and lifepaths, so we all should be able to lead our lives proudly and cherish our lives. We can always choose to act kindly and wisely towards each other. If you notice that you have let the wrong kind of people into your life, you should correct that immediately by letting go of them as soon as possible in a calm way. Learn to choose the right kind of people into your life who will accept you as you are, because you are totally worth it! 🙂 By being yourself you make room for the right people to step into your life and everything will flow better.

You are worthy of good, loving relationships every day in your life! 🙂


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