What makes a good person?

Hello again, this time I want to write about the things that make a good person. Basic stuff, but not to be taken for granted.

Every one of us is a valuable person and a divine creature, but there are certain things that do define if you really are a good person. These things are about our values and how we treat ourselves and others.

A kind (good) person: 

  • Respects herself/himself and others and remembers that we all are of the same value
  • Has good values of life (h0nesty, integrity, sincerity, reliability)
  • Doesn’t do bad things to others or to herself/himself intentionally
  • Knows that title, fortune or fame do not define if you are a good person or not
  • Is kind
  • Aims to help others
  • Knows that a mentally strong and balanced person is the one who you should be
  • Accepts being different and appreciates it
  • Takes every person as he/she is and doesn’t criticize anybody for what they look like or what they are like
  • Wishes and wants peace to come to the world
  • Knows how to receive joy from small things in life and remembers to be thankful for all the good things, no matter how small
  • Is empathic and compassionate
  • Wants to bring good things to the world and strives to do everything about it (for example signs petitions or donates money for charity, or does volunteer work)
  • Knows the value of a smile and a hug
  • Understands about sensitivity
  • If for example an acquaintance tries to talk to you in Facebook and tells you that he or she is lonely and needs to talk to somebody, does not turn his/her back on him/her but only tries to offer support and being a friend
  • Remembers that one should always remember to walk in the other person’s shoes before saying anything that’s not encouraging or supportive if somebody is in a difficult situation
  • Understands about life’s challenges and difficulties
  • Is emotionally intelligent
  • Rather encourages and gives compliments to someone than hurts or offends them
  • Understands the value of being unique and that everyone has feelings and does not use anyone for his/her own good and does not want to be selfish but only in a healthy way
  • Does not push anyone, does not rape, kill, rob, criticize without a real reason, does not hurt anyone’s feelings, does not bully anyone, does not judge anyone or anything for nothing, rarely raises his/her voice at anyone
  • Has good morals

Kindness is beautiful and never goes out of style! 🙂


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