What if you began to be really happy?


Here I am starting my blog finally, which I  have been thinking about so long! The first thing that I want to write about is happiness. I have been pursuing happiness for a long time in my life, striving and fighting to get to it but haven’t really felt any results. So I had to do more studying and more thinking to finally begin to find peace of mind and true happiness. I had gone by so much damage mentally that it felt unbearable, so I had no choice but to try to get through it.

Stable mental health and peace of mind are very important to us as people. We should not give in to negative thinking but merely grow the positive mind in all of us. I know from personal experience that it is not easy to maintain a positive mind all the time, but one can learn. The only way to get to that state where you’re truly happy is by practice. Try to smile every day and try to laugh every day, even if just a small moment. Try to see the good side in everything and eventually you have trained your mind to see the good instead of the negative and bad. Believe in yourself and believe that things will get better in your life. Wayne Dyer once said, that “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. It is so true and it is what I’m talking about now. Together mindfulness, taking care of yourself, doing the things you love and practicing peace of mind support one another and make a happier person.

Begin today. Smile at yourself in front of a mirror and thank the Universe that you are alive 🙂

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