To all narcissist victims and who have suffered mental or physical abuse

Hello again!

It is time to write my latest blog text and this week my theme is narcissism and mental and physical violence victims and I am devoting this blog text to you all for you to heal and understand the situation better. May you have all the strength with you <3

Every pain and suffering in this world is wrong and I want everyone to know that you always have the power to give love, compassion, empathy, kindness and help others and that you should use this power. Being able to be kind is a great way to brighten up someone’s day or even a longer time period 🙂

To all victims; things I want you to remember:

  • It is not your fault that this happened to you
  • It is not wrong if you don’t understand the situation thoroughly; it is not your job to fix and heal the person who did this to you
  • Learn to really love yourself thoroughly and learn to take care of yourself so it becomes easier for you to move on with your life
  • In your mind do forgive the person who did this to you, because it sets you free from all the pain and anger and hate you are experiencing and only gives you more stress
  • If you have a chance to stand up for yourself, do so and do not put yourself through any kind of wrongdoing
  • Express yourself how you feel; if not to the person who did this to you but to someone who listens to you and might understand you even on some level
  • If you are feeling that nobody understands what you’re going through, you can be sure that here is a person who really understands and knows
  • Even if you are the only person who sees this person’s violent and toxic side, take it as a gift and believe that you will survive it
  • Believe in yourself that you will get through this
  • Even if you are the only one around you who has the gift of compassion and are able to console someone, do cherish it and be your own comforter
  • Remember meaning of the joy of life, good humor, compassion and thankfulness and these will also help you along your way getting through this and they also remind you about that not everything is so serious and that this kind of thing should not be taken so seriously as you will only make it harder for yourself and cause yourself stress and anxiety for nothing
  • It is not right that this happened to you, but you can use it as a blessing and teach others about these things so that fewer people would be victims

Angels want you to heal from all of your traumas and I want that for you too! I hope you to have a lot of love and peace of mind

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