To love after you have been hurt

Hi friends! It has been a while! Well, here I am again to write to you guys to help you see things in a better light.

Now that I have met another person who touches my heart deeply, I have feelings which make me write again about love. I love love. I am an endless romantic. I love to love. Love is the greatest thing.

As I do my job to help people I want to help them manifest their greatest love. The truth is though that the truest love is already inside us all. It is not found from another person but only you yourself. I know how tough it can be to see this but it is the truth.

My heart was broken 5 times and then one time after that, so I know how painful it can be to have that happen. I am an empath and I feel very strongly so it does not make it any easier. And each time I blamed myself for going through it again. I thought it was all my fault. So, after everything that happened, I have finally been able to gather myself together and do my job here which is to help others to overcome their heartache. I want people to love themselves genuinely and overcome their pain.

Please know that

  • you deserve love
  • you are lovable
  • you are enough
  • you have all the love inside you already
  • you do not need anyone to complete you
  • after heartache, you will thrive again
  • there is no need to feel sad about the person you lost when you truly value yourself
  • you are the most important person in your life and not the other person

After all your pain please know that you will become stronger. I have faith in you.


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