The importance of exercise

Hello my friend! I hope that you are doing fine 🙂

My article this time is about the importance of exercise and the benefits of it. Anyone, who exercises regularly, knows how good it makes them feel and I hope you are one of them 🙂 Well, now I want to ask you that do you exercise? Feel free to comment on my blog, because I love to talk to my readers 🙂

For me it took many years until I finally began to exercise regularly, so I know how hard it can be to not be able to begin and commit to it. I was nearly 30 years old when I did, when I decided to take on the beginner’s course of thaiboxing. Earlier in my life I had tried aerobics, jogging, disco dance, yoga, gym, swimming and taido, but I never got loving anything that much to keep me interested and committed. Once I finally took thaiboxing, everything else started to fall into place. I was able to start jogging too and I found joy in going to the gym. I did such an amazing and radical discovery in my life, which I had always waited for, that I was so happy! So now I am honored to write to you about this and share this memory with you, and I am highly recommending to you, that you should begin to exercise regularly as well 🙂 Thaiboxing worked for me, but maybe some other sport is your thing; all you need to do is find out 🙂

Because I have been thinking about exercise and its benefits a lot, here is my list of them:

  • Your mood gets better
  • Your shape gets better
  • Your body gets stronger and your posture is fixed
  • It is easier to be comfortable in your own body and you will feel better about yourself
  • You will have something do do, that you like
  • You meet new, nice people and you can make friends
  • You can meet people like you
  • You won’t feel as lonely anymore as you did before
  • You receive value for your money
  • Your body will thank you, once you start taking care of it
  • You may buy new gear for your new hobby, which can also cheer you up
  • If you join a sports where people do other stuff together too, besides just training together, it will be more fun that way
  • You will see and feel the results in your body and you can be happy about that
  • If you have suffered from, anxiety, trauma, depression or any other negativity or excess worrying, it will all get easier and you will be able to free yourself from them
  • You will renew your whole life, once you start to take care of yourself, so you will not just exercise
  • Your brain functions get better and you will be smarter
  • Your metabolism will get faster and you will be thinner, if you had some excess weight in your body before

Please love yourself and begin to exercise regularly, and you will see a new life beginning for you!


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