The Divine Storm

Hello you lovely person!

Have you ever heard of The Divine Storm? Well, I had not heard of it myself either before I heard about it from Mastin Kipp. Mastin had his own and thanks to it he began to find his destiny as a teacher who teaches others to live better lives and build their businesses using their unique gifts. Pretty good, right?

The Divine Storm means a period of time, when everything just seems to go terribly wrong. In short, that if everything you try does not succeed and you are losing things or failing a lot, you can be sure that there is one going on in your life. This period of time is not to make you sad, tired, hopeless or depressed, it is meant for you to finally start living the truly happy life that was meant for you. The Divine Storm has a deep meaning, and the meaning holds the truth in it that you were born to make a difference in this world, and you need to be shaken to become aware of it.

A deeply sensitive person like me always tends to react to negative or bad things very deeply, so that they seem to take away my peace of mind and joy, and this is why I am telling you about this so if you are like me, you would understand this and could survive it more easily. Remember that it is not your fault if everything seems to fail, but you need to learn how to really get to know yourself, and listen to yourself so that you are able to build a new life for yourself and using your unique gifts.

The Divine Storm is one signal in your life that you have not been listening to yourself enough, and you haven’t been honest with yourself about your life, because you have kept putting others before you. Life is not about always putting others ahead, it is about living a happy and fulfilled life, and for that you need to learn to take yourself and your needs seriously first. Otherwise you will never be happy nor will you be able to succeed in anything.

When The Divine Storm is going on in your life, you will be able to tell it from the strong feeling that you get, that you should change your life because you don’t seem to understand it anymore, because of all the weird things that have happened to you. I am telling you this from a strong personal experience. It might make you feel like a victim, but you are not a victim and the world is never against you. You were born to thrive and you just need to rearrange your life to get through this and continue living a better life.

Examples of the signs of The Divine Storm (and these things happen very often and close to each other):

  • You lose your job or you don’t get to the University you applied to
  • Your relationships suffer
  • Your finances are not succeeding
  • You don’t understand your life anymore
  • You or someone else close to you gets a serious disease
  • You seem to have bad luck all the time and you don’t know what to do about it to get rid of it

Remember that even though how bad things are in your life, there is always hope to turn it around!


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