Stepping into the 5th dimension

Hey friend,

I feel this topic is very interesting to you and it has also been on social media a lot lately. When we are going through a spiritual awakening, we experience lots of things which can feel painful but also very lovely. Stepping into the 5th dimension is a very important topic and it has a lot to do with the spiritual awakening.

If you have been experiencing lots of signs from the Universe and angels, maybe even some messages from passed loved ones, they are surefire signs that you are going through a spiritual awakening. What are the symptoms and signs and feelings then?

  • You feel called to listen to your intuition more
  • You start to study information about the spirit and angel realms, as well as about the spiritual awakening process and the 5th dimension
  • You have had the feeling that you have been led for a long time
  • You might suddenly have the urge to go to the church and pray
  • You are feeling like you are going through an enlightenment
  • You see signs from the angels and the Universe and spirits: number sequences, smell scents, get feelings, feel vibes, you might be called to call a psychic, you start to have an inner knowing, you are receiving surprises which make you happy, you attract good experiences and good people, also your dreams have signs and messages
  • You feel you are more aligned with the Universe
  • You want to feel more love and see through love
  • You look for spiritual coaching
  • You are drawn and encouraged to meditate more

If you feel overwhelmed with all of this, do not hesitate to contact me now and let’s start cracking your awakening process open!

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