Coaching and readings


 The coaching categories are:

  • Finances and career, your life purpose

  • Love life (including Twin flame and soulmate journey)

  • Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-image and self-compassion

  • Your health and self-care routines

  • Goals and time management

  • Surviving emotional abuse

  • Healing childhood trauma

  • Daily life changes

  • Healthy boundaries in relationships and in life

  • Relationships and how you can create and attract healthy relationships without burning out 

  • Loving and accepting yourself as an empath or a highly sensitive person

  • Manifesting what you want and connecting with your Divine higher self

The reading categories are:

  • Health and taking care of yourself

  •  Career, work, finances, life purpose

  • Love life (including Twin flame and soulmate relationships)

  • Relationships in general 

  • Getting to know your guardian angel 

  • Mediumship reading (contacting someone who passed away)

  • General life reading (let me know the topics what you wish to know about as you book this reading)

  • Any urgent concern in your life

  • Angel healing session; cord cutting, energy healing or body healing