Nothing has to be perfect

Hello there

Today I was thinking about this topic about being perfect. For me, as a sensitive person, it is never easy when I feel like I need to be perfect in something so I have had to deal with this a lot. It only gives me too much pressure if I feel like I need to be perfect. Even though I always knew in my heart that nothing has to be perfect, it is not easy to comprehend a situation if I am being demanded too much. And what does too much pressure do to a kind, sensitive person? Depression and feeling unworthy, in the worst manner. So my advice is to completely let go of the thought of having to be perfect and just accepting yourself as you are. No matter where you are and where you go and who you meet, you have to be the number one person to take care of your needs and remember that no matter anybody says, you do not have to be perfect. If somebody is demanding something from you and it feels too much for you to handle, then you must listen to that feeling. You owe it to yourself to let go and be merciful towards yourself.

In the end, life is just life and we are all just energy like everything else is too. In the end, we don’t have anything to lose. We should just live our lives happy and fulfilled and that is what we are here for. Nothing has to be perfect especially by forcing it to be. Forcing is not good. Being compassionate and merciful is good. What comes naturally and feels perfect just the way it is is good.

I am telling you, my darling, that you are perfect just as you are and you do not have to be anything more.

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