My story

I am a mother, an Earth angel an owner of two cats. My education besides high school is vocational qualification in business and administration and I also graduated as a hairdresser, but these aren’t my true calling since it is very clear that I am here to do much more. I used to keep on searching for an explanation for my life’s happenings so that is how I found out that I am an Earth angel. As a person I am a world healer at spirit who also loves to laugh at herself, entertain others and always strives to bring good into the world. I love to give empathy to people and always understand somebody’s problems without them having to explain it to me.

I think everyone should be able to cherish themselves as they are, but because of what happened to me led to serious depression and lack of self-worth earlier in life. Nobody deserves to be treated badly but we need to learn to really love ourselves and thrive and flourish. Now I’m here to tell my story and teach others to make better choices in their lives and be happy. As a sensitive person it is not easy to survive bullying or mental abuse and it becomes a huge battle but finally I feel like I have won and this site is one proof of it that I am getting my strength back.

There is not a struggle in this world I would not understand and in which I could not feel how the victim of it feels. I have a big heart and a gift for compassion and empathy. Whether it is about money trouble, problems finding love and happiness or surviving depression or anything else you are struggling with, I understand and give all of my support to you with the angels.

There are a million of good things in this world and as a person I especially love dancing,  movies, music, mysteries of the world, animals and children, exercising, singing, performing on stage, having deep conversations or just being quiet. Meditation is really healthy and a very good habit, I recommend it to everyone like exercise and eating well too 🙂

I have a deep connection with the angels and I want to help you using that connection. That is my calling.