Let go of the wrong things

Hello there

Today I want to write about this important topic which is about letting go of the wrong things in your life.

Do you have some harmful patterns in your life? Do you repeat the same things over and over that don’t do you any good? These are the things that are actually blocking you from being truly happy and living your life purpose. If you look at yourself and your life,  you know you have that purpose and you must believe in it, so why wouldn’t you let go of the bad things that are destroying you? You are meant to be happy, believe me.

Do you want to change your life for the better and let go of the wrong things? Here are tips to do:

  • Try something new every day, go to new places, learn new things
  • Open up to release your worries to the Universe
  • Make a list of all the old patterns you have and make a list of all the changes you want and then compare them and see the change already beginning
  • Make a list of your dreams that you want to accomplish and really value every thought
  • Cut big tasks into small pieces and do small things one by one so the process doesn’t feel too big
  • Go out to nature if your mind feels blocked
  • Center to yourself and do not give away your power
  • Meditate and surrender to the Universe, check out Gabby Bernstein’s video at Youtube 
  • Study a spiritual coach like James Van Praagh 
  • Remember that you have the right to protect yourself and that you are your own boss

You deserve to be happy so let go of limiting patterns and thoughts!

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