Let go and let the Universe show you

Hello friend

Today I got to thinking about this topic which in my opinion is a very strong one. For having studied the Law of attraction and done manifesting and connecting with my authentic self, I have learned a lot about myself and life altogether. I am a living proof that the Law of attraction exists. I hope you can use it for yourself soon too and that is what I am here to teach you about.

When you are not yourself and not in your authentic power and confidence, it is harder to manifest anything. All the love, health, abundance, relationships, everything you need is in store for you in the Universe and the Universe is trying to deliver them to you every day. You just need to open yourself up completely, aka just vibrate on your own level. That way you are working as the magnet for miracles you really are. Always remember that miracles are natural. Completely let go of control and trying too hard and just let it all flow as it comes. Don’t worry. Don’t fear. Have faith and confidence. Trust and allow and it will all happen.

Like Gabby Bernstein said, “when you think you have surrendered, surrender more.”

Tips for letting the Law of attraction work:

  • Meditate
  • Learn to have faith
  • Allow completely
  • Calm down from anxiety and stress
  • Take care of yourself
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Love yourself and show yourself some self-care
  • Let yourself become inspired and happy
  • Let yourself become loved by someone

Proof that the Law of attraction is working properly for you:

  • You feel inspired
  • You feel happy
  • You feel better about everything
  • You see good things instead of negative ones
  • You receive good ideas
  • You learn to know yourself better
  • You feel authentic self-love and appreciation for others as well

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