Is there a lack of love in your life?

Hello friend

It is Mother’s day and I am thinking about love today. Mother’s day is also about love so this topic hit me this weekend. Lack of love is a big thing and it should not be underestimated.

If you are not feeling love in your life, you should stop and ask yourself, is there a lack of love in your life? Especially for us empaths and highly sensitive people it is important to feel love and be loved, so if there is lack of love in our lives, it is going to show quickly and not in a positive way. Of course, this is very logical, because when you feel so much and care so much you want to feel getting all that back as well.

One of my favorite inspirations, Gabby Bernstein, also teaches about the importance of love in our lives. Also Wayne Dyer did too. And it is so true; love is so important. Everyone needs love, to be loved and give love. We grow when we are loved and we are happier when we are loved. We are healthier and happier when we have love in our lives.

In the world, there should be more love than hatred. There should be more love than abuse or violence. I send my love out there every day and I pray and I talk to God and the angels to send love and peace to every living being. I recommend you do this, too. Everything we give out there comes back to us multiplied.

How does lack of love appear? Here are symptoms:

  • person does not feel loved
  • person does not know how to show love to others
  • person might feel very drained and sad because of this
  • person does not know how to love themselves
  • person does not know how to show love to themselves
  • person feels very misunderstood and not respected
  • ego and fear are stronger in this person’s life

I send you all my love and I hope that you can feel loved every day and that way spread it out to the world also!

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