Kind people have their limits too

Hello again!

It has been a while since I wrote the last time and now I have this topic to write about which is very important.

It is not easy being a kind person in this world where there is so much hatred and negativity around and I am an expert on this, so been lately thinking about this again and how important it is to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

For a kind person it is not easy to learn how to stand up for yourself, but eventually you will realize that you have to because you won’t be able to be fully yourself if you don’t. You have to speak your own truth no matter how hard it might feel and seem, because you will only lose if you don’t. Nobody can live your life for you and nobody can do the work for you what you need to do to be happy and nobody can know exactly what you want and how you are feeling if you don’t speak your mind.

I have been through this many times and now I want to tell you as straight as I can, if you are having this same problem, that you need to listen to yourself and you need to start to be your own best friend and stand by yourself. Kind people are needed in this world and we need to be strong despite of all the wrongdoings out there. We are role models, true friends, good people and we shine when we are the happiest and be able to give kindness to others and see its impact on others. We have opinions too despite that we might be too silent sometimes and we have rights as everybody else and feelings that are such a big part of ourselves. Trust your intuition, and if somebody doesn’t respect your boundaries and feelings, show them what you think and ignore them. Sometimes you might have to say no, sometimes you might have to hang up the phone, sometimes you might have to break up with someone or leave someone…but this is all healthy and good for you. Trust me.

Respect yourself darling, and respect your life by speaking your mind.


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