I am a warrior and why I know it

In this post, I want to be a little brutally honest and vulnerable. I want to get closer to you, dear follower, so I want to share some details about my life.

As you might understand already, my life was never easy. I have walked a long road and come a long way on my spiritual path to get here where I am now. Lots of setbacks and traumatic experiences have happened. I had no choice but to start awakening to my true purpose and to study the law of attraction. I never had parents who would have guided me fully. I was emotionally and physically abused at home.

Now I am almost 37 and have come a long way on my own. This is why I know and feel it the most right now, that I am a warrior. Warriors fight for their lives alone if they don’t have anyone to help them.

The law of attraction works. I have seen it myself and practiced it. I have been able to manifest certain types of people and money for example. The more you surrender and have faith, the better it works. Because my sense of security was taken from me when I was a child, I was always attracting all those terrible happenings. My own thoughts were attracting those things because I gave them power. There are some things I still don’t understand but I am moving along as I go. Helping and guiding others and filling up my purpose. You have a purpose to be here as well, so don’t give up. You can make the law of attraction work for you too.

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