How to really believe in yourself


Lately I have been thinking about the importance of believing in yourself. It is a key ingredient in a person’s life because there isn’t much without it.

Of course one can always live life without thinking much about believing in himself/herself, but then life isn’t what it could be. With self-belief it is always nicer to live because then you really listen to yourself and really tune in to what you really want out of life. We live only once and we should strive to do the things we really want to do; therefore we also get stronger as persons.

I think that self-belief should be taught to children at young age so life would be easier then and you don’t have to fight to start living your life on your terms as an adult when having that base already.

How to make self-belief stronger:

  • Try new things
  • Think about what you want and act on it
  • Go outside your comfort zone in things that you do
  • Be brave and not be afraid
  • Trust that you can and even if something does not work out, it is only human
  • Remember that rising above your hardships is the best
  • Do not listen to negative self-talk or negative words from someone else but just keep your mind open and believe that you will survive and that things will work out
  • See yourself in a positive light and keep your mind bright
  • Do not seek acceptance from anyone but just be yourself in peace
  • Stand up for yourself when needed and know that your feelings and opinions matter and that you have the right to them
  • Be silent and peaceful alone for example at home or when taking a walk outside just by yourself and with your thoughts and see how calming it is to just be alone
  • Take care of yourself (sleeping, eating right, exercising)

You deserve to believe in yourself! 


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