Hello, I am
Lightworker Laura and I am here to coach and guide you as an empath or a highly sensitive person after narcissistic abuse experiences to stop self-sabotage, recover and create your dream life

Mun kuva

Welcome to being empowered and to finding your inner strength and inner peace after emotional abuse experiences

I have been there too so I can help you
From depressed, drained out and lonely I have made my way to thriving in my life and I can coach you to do the same

I am a Spiritual coach, psychic medium, certified angel card reader,
angel guide, motivational speaker, NLP practitioner, Earth angel, EFT tapping practitioner, LCF life coach and an empath/HSP
I am very experienced with toxic people

I will coach and guide you to heal from emotional trauma and to
create your new amazing, transformed life with love, abundance, and happiness!

Laura is fantastic as what she does and is so kind, supportive, and incredibly accurate in her insights. Her support is constant . I came across Laura during a very difficult time in my life where I felt completely lost, utterly overwhelmed, and filled with regret over how decisions I’d made had created a situation in my life that I struggled hugely to accept. Laura listened intently as I blubbered relentlessly and gently guided me through the situation using her skilled coaching and guidance. I was in such a dark scary place in my mind and I genuinely don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t been lucky enough to cross paths with Laura. Laura went above and beyond in her support for me and completely transformed how I responded to the situation and how to move forward. For anyone that’s feeling the need for some guidance, support, or coaching in their life, I can’t recommend Laura highly enough.
Karen Galligan
The best Spiritual coaching sessions I've ever had. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a good meditation session and advice. I am confident that my healing can begin now
Khaila Wilson
Thank you so much, Laura, for the coaching. You have helped me move forward in my life, got my strengths to come out and to seeing my part in creating my life. I resonate with you so well. Your style to coach and to give guidance is very professional and at the same time very empathic and kind. Your readings are also helpful and good. When we have a reading, I notice, that you really focus on me at the time. You are just an amazing lightworker! With love, Ruut
Ruut Kurki

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