Healing that inner child

Hey friend,

Lately I have been thinking about healing that inner child. If you have been hurt in your childhood, it is very important to be able to heal that inner child. If you have never heard of this concept, read along.

Have you been abused in your childhood? Especially if you have been abused by your parents, it is most certain that the inner child within you needs to be healed.

How does it show that your inner child needs healing? You might find yourself acting like a child sometimes and carrying the feelings along with you, which belong to a child and not typically to a mature adult.

Symptoms that your inner child needs healing:

  • You are sensitive and get hurt easily, even though you should not mind about those who hurt you
  • You are not secure enough as an adult
  • You feel like crying like a child often and you need soothing for your feelings
  • You want to be more confident but it seems hard
  • You don’t trust yourself enough
  • You subconsciously attract similar things you experienced as a child and can’t seem to heal from them

So, how to heal? Try:

  • Heal your inner child meditation
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Clearing your energy
  • Loving yourself truly
  • Having fun, enjoying your life every day
  • Doing the things you love to do that give you happiness
  • Hugging yourself and telling yourself that you are amazing and that you are enough

Please always remember that you are enough, even if you are hurting inside. You deserve to heal! 

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