Feel the connection

Hey friend,

As an Earth angel, angels and the spirit world are always talking through me. I thought I would today talk about the important topic of the connection with the spirit world. Do you want to feel the connection? Read along then.

Spirit guides can vary. They can be angels, Archangels, spirit animals, deceased loved ones, God, your Higher self or Ancestors. How to know more about your guides? You can easily talk to them, receive answers and enhance the connection.

How to connect with your spirit guides and signs that the connection is working:

  • Light a candle and meditate in a calm environment
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Ask straight questions from your spirit guides in your mind or out loud
  • Ask questions and free-write the messages you get
  • You see sparks of light around you it means that they are around and you can talk to them
  • Important books appear which you need to read
  • Objects appear or move around
  • Your self-awareness and spiritual awakening is in the process
  • You can see images of them and you can feel them or even hear them talk
  • You feel your intuition working better and guiding you to the right places and situations

Spirit guides are on a mission and that is to help you, guide you and support you with your life. They have an answer for everything and they are always there to listen to you and offer their guidance if you listen to them and give the connection a chance. Whenever you feel lost or in panic, I recommend for you to stop and ask for advice from your guides. Peace and quiet help with this. The higher you vibrate and the more you take care of yourself, the connection gets stronger.

Feel the connection with your spirit guides and you lead a more fulfilled, guided life!

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