Empathy and compassion = superpower

Hello again and hope you will have a great week and you’re fine! 🙂

Today I am going to write about compassion and empathy as a person’s inner strength and gift since I listened to Mastin Kipp’s webinar about these things a few days ago. Since I am studying these matters in myself and to create a business, he is one of my mentors and I also want to teach about these to others.

From my part I want to let people know about sensitive people’s traits and also make sensitive people understand themselves better and respect themselves as individuals. It is harder for a sensitive person to live in this world and understand himself/herself, when people treat you like you don’t matter. It is harder for people to understand a sensitive person because there aren’t so many sensitive people in this world as others. If a sensitive person meets someone who is in need of comforting, it might turn out to be too much for the sensitive person to handle because the ones who are not happy with themselves and their lives, take it out on others and especially on a sensitive person who cannot protect himself/herself from that.

You as a sensitive person and an empath, should understand the power of your empathy and use it as a gift and I want to teach you about it.

So how can you as a sensitive person learn how to understand yourself better and be able to use your compassion and empathy as your strength and use them as an advantage in your life? Here are some tips:

  • Take care of yourself first of all
  • Remember that you have the right to be yourself and you should be able to be yourself
  • Remember that you do not have to listen to other people’s problems if they don’t listen to yours
  • You do not have to be somebody’s mother figure or father figure even if they come to you for help
  • Listen to your intuition, as it is very important to listen to yourself deeply, and it will guide you through life
  • Learn to appreciate your sensitivity and your ability to be compassionate and use all of that as a strength and do not give up even if it feels like nobody understands you and just criticizes you
  • Accept the fact that it might take time for you to find people like you and get close to them, because there are less people in this world that are sensitive
  • Accept the fact that sensitive people behave differently than others and especially if you are highly sensitive and also strive to be yourself no matter what happens
  • Remember that because you are highly sensitive, you must understand yourself first in order to bring it out for others to understand you and get to know you
  • Remember to be merciful towards yourself always
  • Do not be ashamed of yourself or dwell in pain no matter what happens to you but strive to be strong and believe in yourself
  • Remember that you are a divine creature and you deserve to live a happy life
  • Use your sensitivity as your superpower and believe in its great light
  • Remember that the world needs people like you to bring light, love, warmth and caring into this world and it is your duty to do everything you can to get there and you can and should be very proud of this ability
  • Finding the meaning of your life and your career might take a long time, but trust that you will get there eventually no matter how hard it feels like
  • When you believe in yourself, you shine as a great example for others
  • Remember that with a great strength comes a great responsibility




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