Don’t be afraid

Hey friend,

Today I want to talk about fear. Fear is a good slave but a bad host. I know this from personal experience. Fear is an element which in the worst case is very consuming and overwhelming. If you have ever been afraid you most surely know what I am talking about. If you are a highly sensitive person you most surely know how draining it can feel to be afraid.

How to get rid of fear and use it for your advantage? Here are some tips:

  • Start tuning into yourself and realizing that you are a strong being
  • Start seeing that fear can push you into being a stronger version of yourself
  • Stop being ashamed of yourself and start having faith in yourself
  • Love yourself truly and if you don’t know how to, learn
  • See that you are worthy of living without fear controlling you
  • Know that you deserve a life without being afraid
  • Feel the power of the fear and use it for your strength while stopping being scared
  • Do something that makes you face your fear and stand up for yourself

You totally deserve a life without fear!

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