Communication and its importance


Hello again!

Every time I choose the topic to write about here on my blog, I tune in to think about the topic which is the most important to me at the time. Today it seems to be the importance of communication and since we people communicate through words, gestures and face expressions, it is important to think about whether you are sending out the right ones to the Universe. The tone of them and your thoughts really define the energy level you are in and what is seen to others as well. We humans send a vibration level to the outside world even if we don’t know it and it is important to be aware of it and raise it to the highest because it helps us to be happier with our lives.

If you haven’t been thinking about your communication skills, I highly recommend this to you. Once you speak your own truth and learn to listen to yourself and think about yourself in a positive way, it will improve your life like magic and good things will start to happen. The positive energy in you is showing to others and possibly even making somebody’s day better and also helping others to be more positive too. You should also learn to control your mind because it is very powerful and it defines many things in your life.

Especially if you are shy, sensitive or highly sensitive, the outside world can get very tough for you to handle sometimes and there can be a huge challenge for you to conquer to maintain your inner peace and happiness. But remember that you are worth it, so do try to always choose love and positivity no matter how hard it might seem. Honor yourself and your feelings and do things that are right for you and make you feel good. Remember honesty towards yourself and others.

Here is a little help to improve your communication:

  • Listen to yourself and take care of yourself aka exercise, eat healthy food, sleep enough and not too much, meditate regularly
  • Spend some time alone if you feel overwhelmed with everything
  • Remember that you have the right to be happy and this will help you keep the right vibration level
  • Be aware of your thoughts and opinions and honor them so you will learn to speak your own truth and this affects your life path positively
  • If you are trying to be understood or making friends online, remember that if it seems hard it is not your fault, it is just based to the fact that because nobody knows you and they cannot see you or hear your voice, it is harder that way
  • Even if you are shy or sensitive, you must keep your self respect and remember that you have the right to act the way that is natural to you
  • Switch your thoughts to positive mode every day and remember to be thankful for small things no matter how hard it might seem
  • Count your blessings every day and watch your life become happier and magical, lovely things appearing
  • Do not get depressed or sad because of bad things happening, but keep believing in yourself and your abilities and teach others in this as well
  • Do something fun every day
  • Choose positive words, smile a lot, think about joyful things
  • Do not read depressing news too much and watch too many scary movies or depressing tv shows
  • Clean your life thoroughly; clean your home and get rid of the things you do not need and choose your relationships carefully
  • The more you are honest with yourself the more you will be with others too and you will be understood better and more easily
  • See yourself in a positive way
  • Speak to yourself this way “I am good enough” “I am brave” “I can do this” “I am a positive being and bring light to this world” “I am honest with myself and others” “I am not afraid to try this”
  • Notice how everything will turn to positive in your life when you learn to communicate with yourself and others the right way, with calm, peace of mind and a positive outcome
  • Positive and polite words and expressions are important in your life every day so choose to use them as well

Have a very positive-minded week! 🙂

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