Common sense and caring about one another

Hello there!

For this week I decided to write about common sense and caring about one another  because these have come to be really important subjects in my life lately. I have been thinking very much about normal common sense and its importance in everyone’s life because without it we would be very lost. As people we must be able to make our own minds, know what we want out of life and express ourselves freely without being afraid or ashamed because if we don’t we do wrong for ourselves and others.

One of the most important teachings in life is that you should listen to yourself and be yourself no matter what happens and this is where common sense is aligned in a natural way because it is needed in this process. We are all born for the same reasons; we should do what we really want and do good for ourselves and others. Isn’t it simple? Using normal common sense in your actions and decisions will help perceive everything for you if you don’t quite know what it is that you should with your life and what you want to accomplish and do. You should just listen to yourself and make your life as simple and easy as possible because it helps you to be happier too. It is always very valuable to be able to think for yourself and make your own solutions because nobody can do them for you.

Caring about one another is also an important topic and also aligns with the common sense in the way that it is good to remember how you would feel in somebody else’s situation. If you judge or criticize someone that you don’t know even if you don’t know anything about them, it says more about you than about them and it is not being caring then. We are all the same worth no matter how much money we have or what we look like or what is our title for work. The other person can always have a killing disease that you don’t know about or heartache or something else going on in their life so you’re not making it any easier then if you are being mean or judgmental or making someone cry. You wouldn’t want this treatment for yourself either, now would you? We all deserve to be treated well. My point is that if we all used common sense with caring about one another, we would soon notice that our lives would become happier and easier with one another and we would learn to accept others as well as ourselves too more quickly. There is no room for negativity in this way of thinking and positive attitude will take place and that is what we live for 🙂

Please be compassionate and let your empathy shine! 🙂

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