How you can change your thinking to more positive

Hello again and I hope you are having a great week!

Today I am writing about positivity which I have been thinking about since the evenings are getting darker here in Finland and winter depression might be taking over some people.

I have been putting a lot of thought to how to maintain that positive mind especially when it feels like negativity is trying to take over very often. The good news is that you can always practice it.

These are some examples how to practice positive thinking:

  • Remember joy and feeling good every day and give them time to practice them
  • Remember humour and being funny
  • The next time it feels like fear or shame or anxiety is trying to get control of your mind, try to control it instead and change it to a positive thought
  • Strive to find the positive side in everything and remember that there is something good in everything, no matter how hard it seems
  • Remember that you are not your thoughts but you are you, a divine creature who has the right to be happy
  • No matter how shy or sensitive you are and even if you don’t have a lot of confidence, remember to be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments
  • See the new positive possibility in everything even though it feels like a huge challenge
  • Stand up for yourself and speak your own truth
  • Meditate and learn to keep it as a part of your daily routine
  • Read and study new things to get your thoughts into better things and teach your mind to see more than just a difficult situation
  • See how other people have difficulties in their lives and think about animals and nature as well so you might be able to give your energy to help them and you would let the inner love and empathy in you grow so you would feel better as well
  • See yourself as a beautiful creature of light who brings all the good into the world by doing good
  • Trust your own abilities and the power of uniqueness and grow the joy inside you
  • Be happy about being you and that you have your own wonderful life path to walk

You have a privilege to be positive-minded! 🙂


Katunäkymä asuintaloni vierestä eilisillalta / The street view last night next to my home building
The street view last night next to my home building; it is dark this time of year here



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