About bullying and mental abuse

Hello again!

Because there has been so much happening to me in my life that was difficult to face, I write about those things sometimes. Today I am writing this article to help you, if you are or have been bullied or mentally abused. Especially if you are a sensitive and emotional person, this article is for you because then you are like me. Also please tell about my blog to someone you know, if they are suffering in their lives.

If you don’t have anybody to talk to about your experiences, then I just want to tell you that I am here for you to encourage and give you my sympathy. One way that I can help you, is that you order an angel card reading from me, the other is that you can approach me in my Facebook group by sending me a private message there, so then I can give you guidance from angels for free and the third one is that you can send me an e-mail to laura@laurathelightworker.com if you want to tell about your situation to somebody who understands and supports you. Of course you are also free to comment to this article below. I would love that 🙂 Anyhow I want you to know that I am here to help you and I know how you are feeling.

Please keep in mind that nobody is supposed get hurt, bullied or abused and neither do you. It isn’t right that we humans hurt each other or other living beings. We are born here to do good and be kind to others. Every one of us is unique and important. If there was no suffering, there would be no hurting either. Because I mainly suffered alone all my bullyings, I would not want anyone else to and so I am wanting to do my best in helping others. I want to be the helping hand for you if you don’t have anybody to help you. Anyway, angels are always with us to help us if we only let them and you can always ask for help from them. They love you. I care about you too. A sensitive person has a right to be sensitive and show emotions and without constantly getting hurt because of the outer world. Sensitivity and being emotional are gifts and they give their owner lots of power too, when used right. Without them it would be impossible to create great things.

Bullying and mental abuse are matters which should be put to end in this world. One person cannot make the change but people can achieve lots of results together. The more we would not let these things happen and the more we would encourage each other and help each other, the more peaceful would the whole world be. Also it would be great if the ones who hurt others, would understand the damage they have done and stop doing it and apologize.

Remember that you are wonderful and you deserve to be happy! Angels are with you and I am happy to help you too


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