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Hello there,

I have been spending some vacation and that is why I have not written my blog nor done my podcast in a few weeks. I hope you are doing fine! Today I want to tell you about how to break your patterns. This is an important topic because a lot of the times us humans are slaves to our habits and we do things which aren’t good for us.

How do you spend your day usually? Is there something you would like to change? What are your morning routines like? Would you like to feel better maybe? Do you feel like you are choosing to do the wrong things for yourself daily or weekly? Do you live your life according to your values? These are some good questions to ask yourself and think about the answers well. Maybe make a list of things you would like to do and you feel like you don’t have enough time to do them. This will help you clear out what it is that you want and what it is that you don’t want.

Here are some tips:

  • Morning routines are important
  • Your diet is important, what you eat and drink
  • Sleep and rest and relaxation are important
  • Compassion for yourself and others is important
  • Everyday routines are important
  • What you do every day for yourself and for others, counts
  • Exercise is important
  • Having fun every day, laughing is important

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2 thoughts on “Break your patterns”

  1. Tracy B Andrews

    Thank you, these questions are helpful in evaluating what I am spending my time on and what I need to spend my time on.

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