Be important to yourself

Hello, I hope you have a nice week!

Today I thought about what subject to write about and I came across self-loving.

What exactly is self-loving? How can you express to yourself that you truly love yourself and that you really are important to yourself? If you have had a lot of trauma in your life, how can you be your own help to  help ease the pain and heal?

Advice to express love and caring towards yourself:

  • Be honest with yourself about all the rights and wrongs in your life and erase all the wrongs
  • Start a nice hobby that you’ll enjoy
  • Listen to your gut and learn how to listen to your intuition
  • Think only positive things about yourself and learn to believe and trust in them
  • Know that you are an important part of this universe and your life has a purpose
  • Become inspired of something funny and lovely and begin to spread this light around you
  • Set the boundaries of how you want to be treated and how not and learn to say no to the wrong things
  • Learn to appreciate yourself properly
  • If you dream about something that feels important to you that you want to achieve, start doing something to get it
  • Encourage yourself to try new things and be brave
  • Remember, that you are a divine creature and that you can spread your light everywhere once you decide to
  • Keep on holding on to the basic things that make your life work: eating right, sleeping and exercising enough
  • Learn new things and study something new and you will get more meaning to your life
  • Trust the wisdom that created you and you will become more sure of yourself
  • Trust your own life path and to the fact that you are smart and strong
  • Be merciful towards yourself and do not let severity get to you
  • Be proud of your accomplishments and congratulate yourself every morning that you are alive and well and you can get out of your bed feeling rested and happy
  • Remember to be thankful for every little good thing in your life and thankful to be alive

If you live your life by this kind of advice you are able to maintain true happiness in your life and you will slowly learn how to really love yourself. Even if you get obstacles and challenges all the time in your life, you will get across them and they won’t be able to traumatize you anymore because you have found this new strength inside yourself. Remember that you are not your challenges and traumas that you had to face because they were just happenings, nothing more. You behold all the keys and solutions to your life’s happiness, wisdom and love and you just have to choose to believe in them.



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