About the life of an HSP

Hello my dear friend!

If you are a highly sensitive person, this post is especially for you 🙂 Because I am highly sensitive I am your kindred spirit if you are too 🙂

I am here to tell you that you should be proud of what you are and not be ashamed of anything that you are! You have the ability to bring kindness into the world and it is a gift! Being highly sensitive or being an Earth angel is not easy, but you can always learn how to use it as strength!

Take good care of yourself and you can be a huge inspiration and role model to others!

Traits of a highly sensitive person:

  • You are intuitive
  • You are very sensitive
  • You are emotional
  • You don’t enjoy being in large crowds
  • You are an introvert even though you like people
  • You are a deep person
  • You are easily overwhelmed by the effects of the environment
  • You can sense other people’s emotions and moods easily
  • You are sensitive to caffeine and alcohol
  • You want to avoid conflict and you might be easily frightened
  • You seem shy to some people
  • You are quiet most of the time

Please be proud of yourself as you are and believe in yourself;  you are meant to be strong by being sensitive! 


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